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​Five exhibition areas

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Large agricultural machinery:

Traction machine, rice cutter, rice transplanter, combine harvester, dryer, overhead sprayer, vegetable and fruit grading machine, sorting machine, etc.

Type agricultural machinery:

Trucks, cultivators, lawn mowers, sprayers, trenchers, fertilizer sprayers, fruit washing machines, rice mills, wood chippers, etc.

smart device:

UAVs, intelligent systems and equipment, etc.

Agricultural machinery attached coat supporting:

Fertilization equipment, rotary plow, mowing equipment, deep ploughing plow, seeding equipment, spraying equipment, field weeding equipment, cultivating soil cultivation equipment, etc.

Gardening Hand Tools:

All kinds of flower shears, hedge shears, saws, electric shears, maintenance tools, etc.

Agricultural machinery peripheral parts:

Tracks, tires, tendon lines, blades, joints, water spray equipment, etc. 

Agricultural materials:

Biotechnology, Microorganisms, Organic Fertilizers, etc.

Taiwan International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition
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